17 February 2010

Thought of the Day…

I'm not trying to save my money…I'm trying to rescue it!

16 February 2010

Surprise Baby Shower!


Julie did it again! She surprised me!! I was so surprised at my Bridal Shower last year and this year, I was even more blindsided!! Frank took me to Brady & Ivy's house (in scrubby jeans and his hoodie) under the guise of hanging out with Ivy while he and Brady worked on the skateboard ramp.  When we opened the door, Ivy jumped up and yelled "Surprise!" I thought she was telling Brady, "Surprise! Frank & Em are here!" LOL


My sister, mom, cousin Andrea, friend Jen Baker & pseudo-aunt Jane Gervais were also there. The weather was pretty trecherous (see post about snow) so some friends dropped gifts off earlier in the week so that I could open them there. That was so thoughtful of them!!




Ivy had a friend make brownie/chocolate chip cookie cakes - delish! And Mom did the most awesome thing!! She'd been saving the booties off of her shower cake for 32 years in our freezer with the three-decade-long intention of surprising me by putting them on my first baby shower cake! That is the coolest idea ever!!


Julie made the coolest quiz about me. See if you can "pass" it! J

Milestone chart

Milestone chart: 1 to 6 months BabyCenter

I found this interesting. It's a chart of all the milestones Doodle Bug should meet and when.

14 February 2010

Video of Doodle Bug Kicking Me!

Turn your volume up so you can hear my cell phone ring right after the church bells. Sorry about the hairy belly, it's a side effect of pregnancy! LOL

13 February 2010

Surprise Vacation

We were supposed to have of Fri-Mon for Valentine's Day (well...actually for President's Day, but you know...) but it snowed....and snowed....and snowed! So we have off for 6 days! Ask and ye shall receive! LOL

20 November 2009

I'm Famous!

This is my story that was published on http://www.thebump.com/!!

Click HERE

27 August 2009


Now I know where I got my nickname "Peanut." My adorable tiny little baby looks just like Mr. Peanut - a little round at the rump and a little blobular at the head. And yet, so adorable. Doodle doesn't really move yet that I can tell, but his/her little heart is going like crazy. You can actually see it on the ultrasound - a little flicker that means so much.